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TDRxLASM - Live w/ @Duchessmusik

I think that it’s really important that electronic music remains true to its core as far as where music originated from, which is real instruments. So all of my original music production have some real instruments. Live instruments, they are recorded and then manipulated in the production itself. For me, as far a creating emotion with your music it’s a little challenging if its computer made.

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Perspektives / EP-30 / Valentines Day


Hosted by Khzzari & DJ Journey. What is Valentines Day? Does it represent love in its purest form? What does it mean to you? Valentines Day comes around once a year and on this day we make it our #1 priority to love one another. Which in a way emphasizes the factor of us not making that our priority every day of the year. Yet this day does bring people together, just as any holiday does. STOP WHAT YOU DOING and tune in to hear some non traditional PerspeKtives on this topic!

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