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TDRxLASM - Live w/ @MsKaitlynGold

Kaitlyn Gold possesses a rare ability to convert raw pain into beautiful expressions of love, passion, & fearless rage-powered by music. Kaitlyn Gold’s music provides a blueprint for both men & women seeking redemption, direction, & faith. When her latest track “DRIFT AWAY” comes through blaring through your headphones, the high energy track vibrates your soul & recharges the inner warrior in all of us!

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TDRxLASM - Presents Live w/ King Shaw

Join artist, producer, rapper and King (JAY) & Queen (BEY) dancer fresh off tour, Crenshaw’s finest, King Shaw. From a role in USA’s Unsolved to the front stage of the global OTRii tour, Briddy shares what it’s like to leverage his passion and make moves in front of 60,000 people a night, gathering blessings and nods along the way.

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