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TDRxLASM - Presents Live w/ King Shaw

Join artist, producer, rapper and King (JAY) & Queen (BEY) dancer fresh off tour, Crenshaw’s finest, King Shaw. From a role in USA’s Unsolved to the front stage of the global OTRii tour, Briddy shares what it’s like to leverage his passion and make moves in front of 60,000 people a night, gathering blessings and nods along the way.

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S.C.R.D. - Someday (Unofficial Video)

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NEW YORK, NY – S.C.R.D. re-released their first single record, Someday. It took only a couple of months to write, record, produce, mix and master. Just starting out they had little choice but to self publish through either Tunecore or CD Baby. They chose Tunecore, and subsequently released four more songs since then till now, while working on finishing their first album.

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