Trip Digital Radio Presents Live w/ Tai Li Bond

Tai Li Bond Is a Canadian born Romanian Actress, Singer, Rapper and Model. Her gravitation to the arts started at a very young age. She studied at the Children's Theatre of Montreal and played lead roles in many of their theatrical productions. She was noted as the top child model of Canada appearing in numerous magazines and campaigns including Jacob Jr. and Clin 'doeil; as a teen and young adult she has graced over 50 national and international high fashion magazine covers which include Bella, Top Sante, Confidenze and Viversani & Belli to name a few.

Tai Li is an alum of The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute and was highly influenced as a Method Actor from her time spent with Anna Strasberg. Curiously one of Tai Li's muses Marilyn Monroe studied Method intensively with Lee Strasberg. Method acting also was the choice for many roles Heath Ledger portrayed, who Tai Li openly shares how his presence in life and in death deeply effected her personally and as an Actor. Performance and Theatre has always been her true passion, as Tai Li enjoys immersing herself intensely in the roles she takes on. She has gone on to star in touring productions of some of the most renowned plays by William Shakespeare Including Hamlets' Ophelia, Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, and Mirada from The Tempest. Bond is a member of the Screen Actors Guild debuting as a professional Actor in Rush Hour 2 (2001). Music and singing has always been a great love in her life, her paternal grandfather was an Opera singer and her father Joey Bond is a Composer and Musician.

Tai Li is in the works of her own musical endeavors with her project Cinderella's Nightmare© (2018) it is a fusion of her eclectic taste in music including R&B, Jazz, Rap, and Pop. She notes Eminem and Tupac Shakur as great inspirations in the realm of Rap and Poetry; and enjoys participating in Rap battles. Her dexterity and diversity are not only are evident in her musical style, as she is also a trained Martial Artist and Boxer, thanks to her Father who is a Master Instructor in Tai Chi. With creativity in her blood, her Mother is also an accomplished Artist and Painter. When not touring with Theatre productions, Tai Li resides between London England and Los Angeles California (2018).

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