TDRxLASM - Live w/ April Henry

From tender whispers to the anthemic, pouring out of a song, April Henry is interested in the raw nerve and electricity that connects us as human beings. April is an award-winning Vocalist and Songwriter, recognized in the prestigious eWorld Music Awards (Produced by the same who Produce the Spirit Awards for Independent Film) and recently nominated for 6 Indie Music Channel Awards, which will be hosted at the Grammy Museum, April 28th.  She uses theatricality and high-octane vocals to take audiences on a rollercoaster of music influences that characterize her own brand of Alternative Pop-Rock.

Raised five minutes from the rodeo in South Florida by two Country-Gospel Songwriter parents, April began her music journey at the age of two. Vocally she is called “A cross between Janis Joplin and Whitney Houston” by reviewers, while her music explores the unification of Pop - Electronic, Rock, and R&B. Also she can be found experimenting with World music and other genres. An award-winning artist, garnering accolades in both singer and songwriter categories in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition (ISC) among others, April’s talents have been recognized by industry luminaries such as Peter Gabriel, Tom Waits, Adele, Robert Smith, and former Epic Records president Amanda Ghost.

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