TDRxLASM - Live w/ Kimberly Ellis

Kimberly Ellis brings a unique blend of experiences, leadership, and vision to the California Democratic Party that our Party and state need right now. We are not only in a age of Trump where we need the California Democratic Party to demonstrate our bold progressive leadership that the rest of the country could model but we are in a time of deep cultural change. Kimberly is a leader who believes the Party should be led from the grassroots up and not a big Party Boss demanding loyalty from those “below.”

Here are FOUR reasons why Kimberly Ellis is the best and only choice to be our next Chair of the California Democratic Party:


1. Representation: It’s time the California Democratic Party supports women of color in leadership. As a law school graduate, single-mother from a military veteran working class family, and Black woman, Kimberly’s life experience is as diverse as the makeup of our big tent Party.  We have to be honest and admit that we have a pathetic history of women in leadership in the California Democratic Party. 

2. Specialized Skill Set: The next Chair will not be inheriting business as usual. We need someone who not only has the executive experience of pulling a statewide organization back from the brink (then expanding and strengthening it), but someone who also has a track record of raising millions of dollars from a diversified assemblage of small and high dollar donors, including nearly a million dollars for her last Party Chair run.

3. National Stage: The CDP desperately needs a public makeover with respect to the public face of our leadership. While the delegates, politicos, Party insiders, activists and reporters know her well, Kimberly’s growing national profile will directly help California Democrats regain our leadership position to help shape the larger political dialog. Kimberly is an effective spokesperson on camera and a world class orator on the stump. For this moment, we could not have a better fit.

4. Clean Hands: Too many people within the CDP/LACDP community strongly backed and supported Eric as Chair. Their silence helped perpetuate the predatory culture and the California Democratic Party needs someone who was not standing quietly when this mess was festering (for years). No one will ever ask what Kimberly knew, or when she knew it because she had nothing to do with Eric or the current culture in the California Democratic Party.

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