TDRxLASM - Live w/ Tal Flora

Tal Flora is a musician, music producer, and an electronic performer. Born in Tel Aviv, Tal has been exploring music and sound since a very young age. Growing up, while playing various instruments and studying different styles of music, she took part in playing with versatile groups and ensembles as a vocalist and keyboardist.

She attended “Rimon” - School of Jazz and Contemporary Music (Tel Aviv), while touring with her music around Israel. She then decided to participate in “The Voice, Israel”,placing in the top ten of the season. In 2015, after receiving a merit-based scholarship, Tal decided to move to Boston to advance her academic knowledge and attend Berklee College of Music, where she majored in Electronic Music Production and Design.

Inspired by interesting sounds, and various musical styles, Tal melds together different worlds and creates an original eclectic sound. Using the techniques and skills she has learned, in addition to her unique musical background, she has been able to work with a variety of clients as a producer, engineer, keyboardist and vocalist. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Tal preformed in recent events such as Ableton Loop 2019 and held workshops in Red Bull Remix Lab, while working on her self produced debut album - which is characterized by intricate beats, with a bass-heavy sound design while using different synthesizers and processed vocals which define the landscape of her original compositions.

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