TDRxLASM - Live w/ @Duchessmusik

DJ and Producer, Duchess started three years ago playing gigs, and my real name was Karen, which didn’t sound like a real electronic DJ name. Do any of you want to go see DJ Karen? I felt like I wanted to go polar opposite direction, something powerful. Actually it was just one of my girlfriend’s idea. I was like, i guess it will work, since most of my gigs are in Hollywood. And when I started releasing some of my first songs, it stuck with me. There is no such thing as pursuing electronic music in Iceland, unfortunately, yet. So when I wanted to go to music school, LA was the ideal place to do that.

My sister is a singer and songwriter, she’s been out here for 10 years, so she was a motive to come as well. I think that it’s really important that electronic music remains true to its core as far as where music originated from, which is real instruments. So all of my original music production have some real instruments. Live instruments, they are recorded and then manipulated in the production itself. For me, as far a creating emotion with your music it’s a little challenging if its computer made.

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