LuMm Overdrafts the Overdraft Fee

LuMm's been hustling and grinding for a minute. And after the past couple of years of moving, he's finally stepped back to take stock in his efforts, refine his position and set-up himself up for success in 2019. After signing on with a new development and production team, LuMm drop a couple fresh single releases over the summer. Sources close say he's now settling down to build out and plot his next moves, while optimizing a relentless drive to continually create new storylines and content. 

It seems that LuMm is starting a transition, perhaps on the edge of transformation. Just this past week, LuMm launched with a splash landing (coming soon) page featuring a silent version of the video above, and a "get notified" email sign-up button. At the same time, we learned that LuMm is re-releasing an older, but very poignant album within his catalog titled Liquid Courage, dropping Monday, September 3, (maybe because it got lost in the shuffle last time?). Either way we'll keep him in rotation and are excited to see what he's got on tap for 2019.