Where in the world is King Myers?

Recent reports from sources close to his production team, say he was headed to Nashville for a couple closed recording sessions on some brand new material, and perhaps seeking inspiration along the way. 

However, recent instagram posts from the artist clearly show the @realkingmyers on set in LA. Would the real King Myers please stand up? Or may he just moves to fast for us to catch him.

If you remember early in 2017 King Myers found himself all over the headlines as Kanye West and Pusha T scrambled to respond to the claim supported by rock band Cage the Elephant, that Kanye West had co-produced King Myers' Propaganda track, which called to impeach Donald Trump. This all came about just after Kanye West had publicly met with the POTUS. 

Any which way, get ready cause the King's got sumtin' cooking in the kitchen!