Introducing Chris Stills!


Monday night has always been the best night to go out in New York City, or so at least for the last decade or so. It's a night that boasts 99% New Yorkers, at the end of a long, hot and sticky weekend. Most typically enjoyed by those with little to no major responsibility on Tuesday morning or afternoon. 

It was an intimate setting and an even more intimate show, as right after ordering wine and food we had suddenly joined tables with a couple of Chris' close NYC friends, fans and family. He opened with four acoustic ballads and clearly let anyone know if they didn't, that he could fucking sing. Very well and very beautifully. Then his band came on and they took us on an adventurous and story-filled evening of great, original blues and rock & roll.

Who is this guy? Yeah, Chris Stills, the son of Crosby Stills and Nash's, Stephen Stills. Yazzowers!! And he's very cool, calm, down to earth, a father of two daughters, and probably just want to run a bakery on the French countryside. But no! He's so fucking talented, why were there only not even 100 people at this show. C'mon! NYC you missed out!