The Universe of Mend

Executive Producer Mardi-Ellen Hill invites you to begin an epic adventure in a new world - The Universe of MEND™. A family dynasty's genetic secret causes a global fight to gain control over a new 21st century quantum technology unlocked by a musical key.

NEW YORK, NY – On Thursday, July 12, The Nation Academy of Television, Arts & Sciences / New York Emmy's will host the amazing world of MEND™, a book series, film script, games, music, a blog and numerous other online and off-line content that create an immersive space with realtime interactivity.

A simple lullaby tune morphs/ evolves over centuries. The song has supernatural powers. This family tune can be used miraculously to unlock signature content. The characters born to the ancient Barrington dynasty spin map data from musical language into language we know and understand!

THE SKELETON SCORE, first book in an epic tale, is a story of inheritance, identity and espionage. Diabolical, and thrilling, the characters of the Barrington dynasty are driven by their innate talent and power to control the world. Enter the 21st century. Evolution brings mechanization into the character’s lives. Suddenly the dynasty is aware of the enormous trading value of their power. (To read more about the Skeleton Score, contact Mardi-Ellen Hill.)

An inventor in the 21st century motivated by revenge surrounding his own genetic background is out to share with the public, the most secret of all powers — a secret his family has kept hidden for centuries. With the help of a cousin who programs data and incidentally kills for a living, the inventor threatens his own clan, almost putting them to bed for good.

Inventor Henry Barrington uses two of his own children to show the public how a message-relay can extend all around the world in one nano-instant, a rogue signal that competes hands down, with the biggest big data online.

Only the hands of the real time public can make the final leap into the world of MEND™, and bring the invention itself to the next level… time is ticking!