East End Block Party

Santa Ana, CA - June 9, 2018 - East End Block Party Transformed downtown Santa Ana into a contemporary urban feel, the fusion of hip-hop, rock, street art, and streetwear culture.

This year LuMm a local rising hip hop artist from Orange County made his first time appearance in this years East End Hip Hop stage. LuMm performance this past weekend drew a massive crowd with his energy brought on stage  with guest performances by Jay Taj, HIPPIP C, ACR R1, ROB WOODS, along with LuMm's adorable son Ezra running on stage to show off his dance moves!! 

LuMm performed Nosebleed live for the first time along with Black Magic with special guest HIPPIP C. It’s not often you see artist like LuMm have such a powerful stage presence or being able coordinate so well with guest artists in fifteen minute time slot.

LuMm recently signed Trip Digital as his management and distribution partner.