#DaddyDaughterDanceOff & #FatherSonGetDown



Nyah asked her father Keith, to work with her on a project for "Celebration", the annual year end variety dance show that the cheerleaders put on and choreograph at her high school in Reseda, California, he replied "let's do it!"

As an accomplished cheerleader with a deep knowledge and passion for dance, Nyah decided on a generation vs. generation story line, based on a daddy daughter conversation before he sends her off to college. 

Supporting my daughter at her Senior Year "Celebration" event at her school... The Daddy -Daughter Dance, old school to new school, Too much fun, we did the damn thang... lol #kidsfirst #support #lovetoinspire #daddydaughter #dance #celebration #cherish #time #together #TizTheTime you knew #TizThaTime


DAY 1: Nyah's cheerleading coach suggested that they start with an intro  talking about sending Nyah off to college.  From there Nyah and Keith wrote, and recorded their script. They then dug through records to find a couple of tracks that they each could use to create their dance combinations. For Nyah, working with her daddy on a project and making music was a special moment of shared passion that helped strengthen their bond. 

DAY 2: Nyah choreographed the dances and taught her daddy Keith some new moves. They practiced until they had their show locked in.  For Keith, working with his daughter Nyah is a tremendous opportunity for him as a parent to support his daughter. Keith says that, "it's an amazing way to support Nyah, and create  life long memories in the same way that all her friends and teachers create memories and support her", which is a different feeling as a parent, everyone's on the same level with a project like this."

Neither Nyah or Keith showed any signs of fear, during their flawless execution of their performance. A performance that daddy and daughter created in only two days. The video of the performance took only one minute and twenty-seven seconds. One week after Keith posted the video on his personal Facebook page, their daddy daughter dance has 2.2 million views.

With over 50,000 shares and likes, Nyah and Keith believe that maybe not many parents do things like this with their kids. And that the sensation over their video is also an opportunity to challenge other parents and kids to make a dance video like they did. They both admit that its through projects like the #daddydaughterdanceoff & #fathersongetdown that their love, respect and relationship becomes more and more positive and their bond becomes even stronger.