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New York, NY – NYC’s Lower East Side native, Scrogans, is bringing new wave hip­hop to another level, setting hip­hop standards above the mainstream. Founding member of the LES music movement, Perfecto Gang, Scrogans plans to expand his new sound across a wider, more diverse plane of listeners in the urban hip­hop world.

This album captures Darryl Scroggins successes and struggles in his life over the last several years. From the ups and downs of fatherhood at a young age, to losing his job and the death of his god brother, this time proved to be both challenging and rewarding. With Original JourneyBeats, Scrogans recants his hardships from this crazy time in his life.

Perfecto Gangcame to life in 2012 as an artist collective rooting from the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Made of talented artistic individuals from all different walks of life, Perfecto Gang represents the diversity and creativity that can only be found in New York City. Members of Perfecto Gang are spread throughout the world but have all at one point lived, created and established in NYC.

Throughout the music, fashion and business worlds, Perfecto Gang is establishing its creativity and doing so loudly. Inspired by all many different genres of music and mediums of art, Perfecto Gang’s music is a diverse and unique from the beats to the vocals. Over the next few months, Scrogans will be performing one­night shows around New York City. He plans to make his international debut in Vancouver, Canada this summer.

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The official release of “King Midas” is April 14, 2015. His debut album is available for pre­order on iTunes. For updates on performances and popups, please visit inquiries and more information, please contact Michael Gargano at

Twitter: @Perfectogang
Instagram: @Perfectogang/@Scrogans