Rhymes with Orange

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New York, NY Turntable artist extraordinaire and composer DJ Journey released a unique, surprising, versatile and intriguing instrumental album based on his experience from his Chicago hometown for providing his eclectic style and musical palate.

Rhymes with Orange is DJ Journey’s sixth album available on iTunes, and the first in a line of new compositions slated to be delivered throughout the year. What makes this album different than its predecessors is DJ Journey’s open approach, featuring a host of collaborators including, Anna Awe, Ladypills, Ravin Dave, Bill Ray, Mr. MC Clane, The Chicago Family, JAMO Wordart and Ason. Rhymes with Orange is a spinoff of our lives. Orange rhymes with nothing. From DJ Journey’s point-of-view,


“We as artists do not fit into anyone's box. We exist before our time. We create things that don’t necessarily go with the culture mindsets of today. We are a group of individuals that create for the future. Meaning the future of tomorrow, the next minute, the next hour, the next day, the next year.”

As the creators of tomorrow, the instrumental album "Rhymes with Orange" represents the fact that these artists’ creations are relative to nothing, now. But will in fact be the inspiration for what will be tomorrow, and when looked back upon in the future. Does Rhymes with Orange represent the future of pop culture? Everyone different in their own way. Every online profile, every outfit, every hairdo, every voice, is different these days, and only time will tell. Until then, download the new album from iTunes for true inspiration from top talent.


Album photo by DJ Journey, features one of the last standing vinyl record stores in Greenwich Village, New York City. Album artwork by Ian Young of Quiet Giant.

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