#MassivelyEpic Artist Lounge #SXSW14

SXSW14 bGiv Social Good Space & #MassivelyEpic Artist Lounge (#MEAL) was an underground pop-up studio and performance space. Hosted by cause driven charities bGiv and #SkyBluePink, our warehouse welcomed the likes of over 30 well known guests for a series of panels and performances.

Collaborators included - Keith Shocklee of Public Enemy, Matthew Bishop of the Economist, Senator Mark Warner, Senator Jerry Moran, Austin City Council Mike Martinez, Austin Tech Council President Julie Huls, Robert Scoble, Music Mogul Ted Cohen, MIT PhD. Amanda Parkes, LRock Entertainment, Bang the Drum, Fashion Rock, Mainland, The Mystery Lights, 2/3 Goat, Dig The Kid, White Like Fire, Gang of Thieves, Eric Tessmer Band, The Little Galaxies, Cara Cuici, Jeno Liu, Wild Adriatic. Special thanks to our sponsors - Pepsi Co., Dos Equis, JBL Professional, Keith Shocklee Productions, The FundingDream.com.

"The hardest part of being an independent artist is and always has been putting your stuff out there and getting your voice heard." -- Keith Shocklee

#MEAL is an independent activation designed to provide an artist friendly environment, designed to give emerging artists a platform to get their voices heard. Specifically, an underground lounge open to independent artists and industry with curated panels, showcases, and parties intended to facilitate collaboration, innovation and progression of the music industry.

#MassivelyEpic is a producer collective of independent creatives working collaboratively in order to develop sustainable models for careers in the music industry. Since July we have been partnering with community organizations, businesses and artists to produce educational workshops (#ArtistEngage) and distribution outlets (#ArtistTransform, #MassivelyEpic Radio, #Undergroove, and #Groovelust), along with original productions, live performances, weekly radio broadcasts, private and public showcases and parties.