$teven Cannon - LOWKEY (Album)


When I was a kid, I really never had dreamed of hitting a million views. And, last year was the first year my videos hit and climbed over a million or more. I worked with Cole Bennett and my video hit 4 million, and I’m so proud of that. I had tried for a long time, and for all those people out there that want to keep doing it, but in the back of your mind want to stop, keep going!

I want to encourage people, and make them better at what they are doing. I don’t want them to try to be me, i want them to feel comfortable in their body, feel me. When i express my music I want people to know where I’m from, but we can come from that. To hear more, check out the rest of Steven Cannon’s interview on Trip Digital Radio presents LA Style Magazine.

CINCINNATI, OH - $teven Cannon, representing Xanarchy, is an intelligent mind.  Lowkey (poppin’) is a statement of his music, an eerie trap that fun, because Steven Cannon is a fun guy in a new generation (inclu. lil Xan) of young rappers that have moved beyond the mumble.  Two weeks before Lowkey dropped, $teven Cannon popped by Dash/Dream Studio in Hollywood to share with us a glimpse into his world and Xanarchy. Here’s what $teven Cannon has to say:

“Xanarchy started with me and my boy Lil Xan, who was a fan at one of my shows. We had a crazy friendship, I brought him to music and he just took off! He did his own shit with Capitol and that’s our brand. We make clothes, socks and tee shirts, we do all of that. But it’s not to promote to do Xanax to kids, cause that’s not what its about anymore. And honestly we don’t do that anymore.

Xanarchy means that “Xans” are chaos. And that (Xans) are not what we want to push on the people anymore. But the brand is dope, it’s a good name, people love our merch and what we do. And it sells, because people believe our message.”