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ORANGE COUNTY, CA - The Orange Collective (@Speaklife310 @Nblzameer @Mr.fully @Vynzanity @Wiim_the_musician) released their debut single titled, “Juice Sound” as a way to introduce “OC” culture to a global audience. “Welcome to the season of gratitude and versatility.”

Meet the Orange Collective and get the download from when they stopped by Dash/Dream Studio in Hollywood with TDRxLASM Live interview below:

@Speaklife310 and @Nblzameer (Nothing But Love) introduce The Orange Collective and dive head on into “unconditional love,” and not loving without preference, which is what a lot of unconditional love is. It’s more so accepting the fact that love exists without condition and it can be applied to either evil or good. So it’s just energy, energy is love.

It’s a wave. Orange County is a total different vibe, it’s laid back. I go by @Speaklife310 because I was born and raised in LA. And I moved to Orange County, and have been out there for several years. The sound is really laid back, just how the tempo of the city is and how the county is. We tend to spend near the beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and catching that wave and vibe over there, and we bring that into the scene. Our new song has that transient surf vibe, is what the critics are saying.


@Nblzameer’s approach is very similar to music as SpeakLife310, but I do curse. In the sense that my message is very positive and i’ve been through my own spiritual enlightenment. I think that with me it comes from a place of my truth and his truth. We hooked up about six years ago. I am an audio engineer, recording artist and studio owner. Our relationship started when he (SpeakLife310) sent me a few records to mix and master, and fire!! Absolute fire! I had the privilege of mixing those records and him and I got very close because we had similar messages. With my message, the reason why I feel inclined to express it that way is because I never had a barrier or anyone telling me no you can’t do that or whatever the case maybe. I always say that I curse like a sailor and say please and thanks like a saint. Nothing But Love is really about putting out as much of my experiences as I can into the music. My experience have been everything from the good to the bad, so that anyone who clicks into that story, at any point, can relate.


Basically @Speaklife310 came to in 2013, it was a vision during a transition where I was pretty heavy in the entertainment scene as far as club events. I felt like God was pushing me out of the scene because I was wildin’ out, beautiful ladies around, bottles popping, celebrities all around; you can get lost, it’s a very addictive lifestyle, feeling like you are the man. Feeling yourself too much, you know! I felt like God just came in and humbled the crap out of me. I ended up getting out of the game, for a year and a half I was on the couch and went to church like 3-4 times a week. All sorts of crazy stuff. It was all god. Then I came back with my own story –SpeakLife310 - past and future, speaking about my battles and me getting through that.  Like you say, no cursing in my music. I want to get something refreshing, and don’t want to talk about guns, booty popping, that’s just my preference. I’m talking about life journey’s and wanted to have a different approach to getting the art out.

@Vynzanity steps in to bring us back to business and, “you need to figure out the fundamentals, and growing up my grandmother was a big part of it. The best part about it it that the whole brand on our side, to me is, let me bring you to paradise. Cause i’m a beach boy and from the islands and know how that feeling is. Everyone in the city is so rushed, you ever have that feeling that it’s five am, but you;re living your eight am. I want you to feel like you have time to stop by and smell the roses, or stop by and smoke a blunt. What I am trying to say is that you have to enjoy your life the way you want to do it. That’s what versus is all about, we against all odds because we want to take you to paradise. I want to take you to paradise.”

@Wiim_the_musician (aka SunBoy) adds that, “we do what we have to do, business comes first, play definitely comes after. Business is doing what you have to do, prioritize, what makes you wealthy, happy and got to do. Once a week. It feels like a marathon. To me, i’ve dropped six projects and have noticed a trend. When I drop anything more than one or two tracks, people like to listen to the beginning and the plays or views digress as it goes. And I don’t blame people, cause that’s just how it the mentality and consumption of media is. I realized, drop each song and people take each song for what it is or what it isn’t.” For people that don’t know, the marathon was literally dropping one song a week. “I’m actually now on week seven. And I’ve got a lot in the stash too, so i’m not too worried about it.”


@Mr.fully is like the mayor of Orange County and explains, “there is a cultural shift that is happening right now in Orange County. How the brainchild happened to answer your question, everyone has an LA versus everybody. Instead of a song about we’re the best, in the record we wanted to talk about coming together. We want you to feel the energy of unity and collaboration happening. That’s why the chorus takes so long. I wrote it while working out and was like this song is not for me, it’s bigger than me, it’s for the whole town. So I found these guys and was like yo, you ready to make history? And organically it happened as God’s plan to manifest and really come together. And by making this first step, more people will know about Orange County, like Canada. I feel like this record could pop the bubble.” To hear more, dig into the full interviews in two parts on Trip Digital Radio.

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