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NEW YORK, NY – Singer / Songwriter Bella Saona officially released sixth single from her debut album “Parousia.,” along with five remixes on the six song The Hollow EP available on Spotify and iTunes. In April, 2017, released her first studio album titled, “Parousia,” meaning presence or arrival in vinyl and digital format. The album’s title is reflective of Bella’s Paraguyan and Brazilian descent.

The Hollow is a song about not falling under the constant spell of lies being casted over us by the media, society, and love. The message is about questioning the norm and not accepting things at face value. Being awake. Seeing past the mirage and the manipulation. Bella's music is a mix of dance, electronic, rock and intelligent pop. It is conscious music aimed at a global audience, with no defined age. The production of the Parousia record lasted 2 years, a collaboration with her producer and creative director, Victor Lau.

The Hollow Remixes were each collaborations with other artists and producers which include Stacey Ayers, Andres Diaz, Er!c Lee, and Ravin Dave (S.C.R.D.). Each collaboration was a result of relationships fostered over years and experiences, and reflect the nature of those circumstances. Bella and Victor met Ravin Dave during the summer in 2013. Since then, they have collaborated on a couple of Bella’s live performances at Beatique, CBGB Festival and a Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn block party.

BELLA SAONA began her career at age 14, with performances at different festivals and clubs in New York, Miami, Los Angeles and the UK. In 2011 she joined the record label Ultra Records, one of the most popular and recognized in the genre of electronic music. During her early years as a solo artist she worked with major English producers such as Grammy Award-winning Sandy Vee , who released her single Nobody Loves Me and Bare Noize, British producers with whom she worked on her song Off With Their Heads. Furthermore, her hits Do it Again and Off With Their Heads were included in MTV reality shows and the NCIS Los Angeles television show. Bella received the New Now Next Award as a artist on the verge of fame by the prestigious LOGO television network. -- ❤

S.C.R.D. Artist production duo, Sweet Chuck Ravin Dave write, produce and perform music, videos and content under indie label Trip Digital. S.C.R.D. is named after Sweet Chuck and Ravin Dave, the two principal members of the group, who met in Gramercy, New York City during the fall of 2013. By 2014 they began writing and recording at the 19th street studio, along with Super Producer DJ Journey. S.C.R.D. infuses old skool beats, live instrumentation and witty, humorous and satirical lyrics that take fans on a journey through heartbreaks with an ebullience for life and the thirst for adventure. Their collaboration between each other, thrives off co-collaborating with local musicians, friends and fans they lure into their musical tsunami, which helps drive their artistic creativity to new heights.

For access to tracks, interviews or questions please email Victor Lau

The Hollow (Ravin Remix) [Sound Pack]

Released: February 23, 2018 • 71 Sounds / HIP HOP / DUBSTEP

Trip Digital presents Ravin Remixes Hollow Vol. 01 by Ravin Dave. This collection includes 28 one shot, synth progressions, and 48 drum, bass, fx and synth, one to eight bar loops for your dub, glitch, HipHop production. 76 total WAVs set at 120 beats per minute in the key of E minor. Enjoy!

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