Khzzari - When Stars Cross

ANAHEIM, CA - Artist known by the Khzzari, will release his first spoken word single titled, “When Stars Cross,” a spoken word poem about a new budding relationship in the midst of flowering like a cherry blossom in the springtime. The poem began as a him to her, until Khzzari passed it over to Super Producer DJ Journey and is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon and YouTube.

Originally from Newark, New Jersey and after growing up in Orlando, Florida, Khzzari is now based in Orange County. He began writing poetry in middle school, which led him into music in high school. Influenced by his father’s Detroit upbringing and the soulful sounds of Motown, combined with influence from his mother’s Puerto Rican descent,  Khzzari pulls from the best of both worlds, and remains rooted in the Hip Hop sounds he grew up on in the early 2000’s. In his most recent interview on Trip Digital Live, Khzzari explains that,

“As I was growing up I realized that music is poetry, but with rhythm, and music is global. I figured that I could use that to get my message out there.”

In addition to working on future single releases and album release (2018), Khzzari hosts a weekly podcast call “PerspeKtives” on which he tackles a number of themes and topics including Love, Pain, Technology, Illusions, Self-confidence, etc.). Subscribe to, and Follow Khzzari.

In September of 2017, Khzzari released his first studio single titled, Jazz Kat, from a series in collaboration with production partner Trip Digital, and founder Super Producer, DJ Journey. A jazzy trumpet riff, followed by a piano lick sets the bluesy tone of this post-breakup contemplative Hip Hop record on which Khzzari reflects on his ex-girlfriend. Set to a modern 90’s style beat, produced by Dj Journey, listeners are nostalgically reminded of not only of the storytelling qualities found in old school, but also perhaps, of an old relationship where after they felt the same as Khzzari does, expressed in his 32 bars of sentiment.