S.C.R.D. - Sweet Katy

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NEW YORK, NY - Gramercy, Manhattan artist duo S.C.R.D. (Sweet Chuck Ravin Dave) released "Sweet Katy," a recording of the first studio production between the two artists when they first met, back in July, 2014 on the corner of 19th Street and 2nd Avenue. 


A year later, while working on their first studio record "Someday," they met Jason Anthony Wright. That night back at the studio, while listening through various works in progress, this track was played. Jason keyed into the trumpet melody in the back half of the track, which subsequently turned into the vocal melody of their third studio single release, "Phone Sext." 

Sweet Katy was conceived, produced and recorded on Monday, July 27, 2014 at 322 East 19th Street, apartment 1. It actually began earlier that night around the corner at Gramercy Park Bar. S.C.R.D. helped Katy close out the night, then convinced her to come and hang out, smoke trees in trees and record some music. Between four and six am that morning they created this track, the frst of many to become a record that inspired others within their catalog.