Young M.G. - Karma (feat. Fez)

BROOKLYN, NY - On Friday, November 23, 2018 - Young MG Louis XIV, Bed-Stuy born artist, rapper and emcee releases his second official single record titled, "Karma" on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music and Spotify. Young MG features Swaziland native singer and songwriter, Fez on the chorus hook along with Ravin Dave on production.

Speaking from his heart Young MG tells his story of growing up in the streets with the cards stacked against him. In Bed-Stuy, where you either do or die, which means go big or go home, metaphorically represents the hustle and resilience of the neighborhood’s people. But even the streets cave and bow to the at whim demands of Karma. However, if the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, decides their fate in future existences, this record sets the tone for the resurgence of Brooklyn boom bap style Hip Hop in a dramatic, anthem-esque way.  Young MG and Fez both deliver well articulated one liners, that slice down to the bone like a scene from a Spike Lee movie.

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SINGLE / Spotify / iTunes / Apple

SINGLE / Spotify / iTunes / Apple

Bed-Stuy, has been made known most notably in music, specifically Hip Hop, over the past quarter century by Biggie (The Notorious BIG), along with the likes of Jay-Z (Marcy Projects), Fabolous (Brevoort Houses) Mos Def (Lafayette Gardens) Maino (Nostrand and Gates), Smif-n-Wessun (Brownsville Houses), Lil Kim (Lafayette Ave), and many others. More recently, Bed-Stuy is one of Brooklyn's fastest, "up-and-coming" neighborhoods, falling victim to the gentrifying sweep of ridding the old, and paving the way for the new.

S.C.R.D. production duo Sweet Chuck Ravin Dave, are based in New York & LA; signed under Trip Digital, Inc. and executive produce original audio and visual compositions.