DJ Journey - Algorithm (feat. Beat Hack Lords)

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Look around you. Can you see the geometry? Mathematical equations exist everywhere, and men dedicate their entire lives to figuring out the numeric data between space in time. 

DJ Journey, "Algorithm" 7 Instrumental installment, demonstrates his evolution of signature cinematic composition techniques. 

Journey: "I love to hack and reverse engineer the way I produce music. This keeps my work flow exciting, when drifting inside of the box. I refuse to allow technology to steal my soul. Fuck that shit! "Algorithm" is a battle between me and technology . And yes, I kicked Mr. Technology's ass on this one." 

DJ Journey remains consistent with his instrumental record releases. Inspired by the works of Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Flying Lotus, Nightmare On Wax And the late great J-Dilla. 

Journey: "I love music and music loves me. I never over think her, and she never second guesseo me. So no matter where music goes, I'll always be there with her, putting out new shit, and showing her how much I love her." 

Algorithms; a set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps, as for finding the greatest common divisor.