Benny Harrison


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NEW YORK, NY – The man is multi-talented...gifted in so many ways that he is at first overwhelming, and at the same timeamazingly accessible. His music is a gourmet's blend of urban, pop, funk, r&b and latin. Sophisticated mixtures of rhythm, soul, jazz, blues, latin fire, raw funk and energy. He is surrounded by some of the greatest musicians on the planet.  Benny has shared stages with these greats for decades. Now they are all rejoicing at the reappearance of  Benny And The Spydrs, a band whose raw power has been inspiring musicians in New York for decades. 

After a recent reunion show by Benny and The Spydrs at one of New York’s iconic clubs, Will Lee, known for his work in the Letterman Band (also on thousands of recordings), said it best “This was one of the greatest performances I’ve seen in my twenty years of coming here. The Spydrs MUST continue! This was just great! Benny must continue!”